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Toledo - Quality as a mission

It is Toledo’s mission to supply the ready meals and catering industry with only the highest quality processed meat without concessions.

JBS Toledo NV has been established since 1988. Our company is part of the JBS Group, and specialized in the development and the production of a range of high-quality frozen cooked beef and chicken references.

Together with our technical R&D team in São Paulo, Brazil, we produce tailor-made products according to the customer’s specifications.

We can offer our products in different forms ranging from whole anatomical muscles (to be sliced) to minced, cubes, strips, flakes, etc. All products can be delivered with or without salt and spices. A frying equipment has been installed as well, for pre-fried products. We are a leading provider of frozen meat references for the pizza and ready meal markets, always looking for product improvements and great partnerships.


The Frozen Cooked Beef is a differentiated product line that offers practicality and agility in its preparation. The product has 24 months of shelf life and countless benefits from its usage as eliminating the meat handling process before preparation, putting an end to the risks linked to cross contamination, reducing labor costs, among others.

The tradition and rigorous production controls guarantee a high quality product produced at the JBS most complete facility located at Lins/SP.


The company is backed by a large, diversified structure for chicken, poultry and food processing. JBS Toledo focuses on the poultry, processed, packaged and frozen foods segments for the export markets. The production units work closely with customers to develop higher added-value products that focus on quality and build market recognition.

We have consolidated our position on the international markets because of our focus on delivering safe, high-quality products and maximum safety throughout the manufacturing process, from the production line to the consumer’s table.

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